trust & obey.

I posted a while back on Instagram about having faith even when life gets messy ( you can check out the insta post here >> @simplyhisdaughter ) and the more I thought of the post, the more I realized that the post needed more than just a small paragraph on Instagram. I believe that it is a topic that needs to be meditated on, and deserves to be mentioned in greater detail on here.

trust and obey.

Those are two pretty big words. And if you think about it, they go hand in hand. You are always going to be more willing to obey someone after you learn to trust them. Think about it, It’s way easier to trust someone who you can see physically with your own eyes and that you know pretty well. It takes a lot more faith to trust in someone we have never had the ability to see or meet. Personally, I have struggled with having complete trust that God has it all figured out. It can be intimidating and even scary at times.

Does God really know what He is doing? Can I really trust Him to take care of this hard and sticky situation?  I have had those questions bounce around in my mind many, many times, and I’m sure you have too.

beautiful truth 1.) His plans go far and beyond mine.

What a beautiful sentence. That sentence brings so much peace and comfort to me. I am so thankful for His loving direction in my life. Can you imagine if my life was in my ball park? Oh good grief, my life would be a jumbled up mess with no purpose. Trust me, it would not be pretty.

When you go through hard situations, don’t try to solve the situation by yourself. Prayer and God should be your first resort. When you try to depend on yourself to solve problems the worldly way, you will only end up falling apart with great emotional exhaustion. In the end, the problem will never be resolved and you will be left feeling worse than before. Depending on Christ is so crucial!

beautiful truth 2. ) Life is beautiful when He is the core of our existence.

Main Points:

First off, The main issues in our lives start in the heart. Learn to trust and obey Him, not your own human flesh and desires. Walk through every situation with faith knowing that God knows what He is doing. And lastly, He will never leave you or forsake you.

beautiful truth 3.) When this journey of life gets hard, stop. pray. & read His Word.

There’s just nothing quite like sitting down and reading God’s Word, or stopping to have a conversation with Him. When I begin to feel hopeless and confused, it’s SO encouraging knowing that there is a God who cares for me. He sure doesn’t have to love such a selfish sinner as I, but He does.

Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and do not lean on your own understanding. -Proverbs 3:5

bye for now,

hannah b.♥♥

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