be still.

Ahhh! It has been way too long once again. I hate it, I really do. It seems like every time you turn around, “life” gets in the way. But hey, I have learned to be joyful and thankful even in the midst of school and crazy to do lists. Here’s a little update on my life and what I have been learning:

The last few months I have been studying for the ACT. Yes, that fearful dreaded thing… I took the ACT the first time in June, and yeah, lets just say my mind has been super fried ever since. I learned some HUGE life lessons through that whole process though, and it is this:

1. Stop. Pray. Be still.

//Through this whole process of studying endless hours and being so driven to get it done and do well, I was missing the big picture. I was so focused on doing the best that I could possibly do that I wasn’t stopping what I was doing long enough to pray and be still. Be silent. Say: “God, I want to do this test to bring You honor and glory.” I honestly believe being still is so, so important. If we are so busy focused on ourselves all the time, how are we ever going to be silent long enough to hear God’s direction and leading?

2. Seek and Pray for His will, not my own.

//Ok, this was probably the biggest and hardest one for me. I am one of those people that really likes to have things all planned out. No joke! I normally even have the next three months planned out too. So, it’s a continuous battle of me reminding myself that my plans really in reality don’t matter. Sadly, it was after my test that I realized what I had done so wrong. I had not been seeking after His will. I was seeking after mine. I was so focused and in the zone of I’m going to study really hard and slap the ACT in the face. Don’t you worry or fear God, I have complete control of this all on my own… or so I thought. I mean I had prayed asking God to help me pass my test, but that was really the extent of it. I had not actually given all of my worries, anxieties, and above all the test in general to Him. And I realize now my mistakes…

3. Being patient and content even when things may not be working out in my eyes.

//Yep, another big one! So after my test I found out that UNG had filled up, in other words, I didn’t get in for dual enrollment. Say what?! Yes, Hannah’s “plans” didn’t turn out so good. I was upset… actually, really upset. I asked God why in the world He would do that to me. Then I realized I wasn’t being patient and content with where God has me. There is a difference between my eyes and His eyes. And you know what the difference is? I think I know what is best for me, but I really do not! Only my Heavenly Father does. He knows what is best for me and has a plan for my life that is completely set apart from every one else… unique. All I must do is be willing to obey and follow Him.


In closing, I really want to encourage you that the next time the Lord closes a door, don’t get mad, give up, and blame Him. Instead, thank Him for closing that door because you have a Father that knows what is best for you and genuinely loves you more than you will ever know. And dear friend, please don’t ever forget to pray for His will for your life. Don’t step out in to life thinking you can navigate it all by yourself. It never has worked, and never will.

bye for now,

hannah b. ♥♥

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