soccer camp 2017.

soccer camp 2

Our sweet team of adorable 1st graders!
Just a few of the lovely people that made Soccer Camp amazing!
soccer camp 3

If I were to sum up Soccer Camp in one word, it would be:


If I were to sum up in a sentence what God taught me, it would be:

Sometimes the sweetest of moments comes from even the smallest of kids.

Everything about it from start to finish was amazing! This past week brought its share of difficulties, but it also brought so much joy and happiness to my heart. I’m so, so, thankful for all of those who put so much time and energy to organize and orchestrate such a huge event. You all did such a fantastic job and I am so grateful!

Yes, the rain didn’t quite cooperate with us this past week. At first I was upset. Kind of like God, here we are trying to do an outreach to share the gospel, and You are going to send rain to destroy it? That really doesn’t make any sense. But then I thought that maybe He is sending the rain to test our faith, to get our attention, or maybe even to see how we are going to react. It still doesn’t make any sense, but that’s ok, it doesn’t have to. He’s God and He can do anything He wants when ever He wants. Everything He does has a purpose and a plan. I just need to be still and thank Him through every trial.

Trials. They make us stronger. They grow and strengthen our sometimes unstable faith in Him. Therefore, I will rejoice through every trial. Yes, even pouring down rain.

I am so thankful that I was able to get to know our sweet team of 1st graders this past week! I just loved each of them so much! They have such sweet spirits, and not a single care in all the world. In their eyes, life is always beautiful rain or shine. They taught me that life goes by so fast. I need to stop, enjoy, and treasure every single moment. Because after all, they don’t last forever.

This little boy on my team looked at me on Monday night and said: “My aunt’s name is Hannah too, but she is 50!” Thanks I thought… but hey, you gotta love them! Another little girl looked at me and asked with the most serious face: “Coach Hannah, is it going to snow?” I know sweet girl, it’s like 90 degrees, I so wish! They literally said the cutest things EVER! *Sorry, this was just a cute side note*

I watched God work through so much this week. Through the kids lives, the parents lives, the weather, and through my whole church family. And to top everything off, our  hospitality team was able to share the Gospel with many parents and grandparents! There is just nothing sweeter than 150 sweaty happy kids running around a field, and then to know that the Gospel is being preached.

“Go into all the world and proclaim the gospel to the whole creation.” – Mark 16:15

Continue to pray that the seed that we were able to plant in each one of these kids lives would continue to flourish in the days and weeks ahead.

bye for now,

Hannah B. ♥♥

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